The Bravery - Tragedy Bound tab

A few differences from Agathe’s chords. 
This should be correct

Standard tuning

    Fm#   E     Bm    A

Intro Fm# VERSE: Fm# E Tragedy Bound looking for clues Fm# I'm starting to suspect she likes abuse E I'm starting to feel like she doesn't feel Bm Fm# Is there anybody in there? CHORUS: A E Fm# All her life, she's bound to lose A E Bm Fm# All her life, she's bound to lose BRIDGE: Note: Could vary some
Fm# E Fm# Ee|---------------------------------------------------|B|------2----------0-------------2------------0------|G|--------2----------1-------------2------------1----|D|-----4----------2-------------4------------2-------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---2----------0-------------2------------0---------|
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