The Breakmen - Play Me Another One chords

The Breakmen - Play Me Another One

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Tabbed By Stephen Turner, June 2011.

No Capo

Verse 1

Em GThere's an old lonesome song on a warm windy night
Am CIf we take our time we might get it right
Em GEach line brings another sweet memory
Am C DSee the ones that I've loved smile down on me
G DPlay me another one easy and slow
Am C DJust one more dance dear before I go home
G DAbout long lost lovers and pretty little things
Am C (hold) Em--- Oh I'd give the world just to hear you sing Verse 2 It's a hard endless line and a tired heavy load Weighin' down on my mind on an old troubled road That runs by rivers and mountains high And keeps us together, honey, you and I [Chorus] Bridge: Em G Am C Em G Am C D Verse 3: It's a long wide road to another place And I might forget the name but I'll remember the face Of a long gone day(?) don't you cry For I'll meet you one day on that by and by [Chorus 2x]
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