The Brew - Chance Reaching chords

B   F#     D  A      E B F#     D A     A (rest on final A)

D G F# C#When I look around Its all familiar towns
The sky is filled with clouds that have been there for years Hello aunt talali The clock is next to me Im livin as a lifeless seed that is stuck in the ground Chorous: B F# D A E Chance reachin pull me out B F# D A A Lord knows cant do it alone B F# D A E Big world but A little town B F# D A A Its all ive ever known
D G F# C#It goes at jimmy kid Somkin buds and talkin spit
I wonder if hes out of it Just got himself out His tammy aims how to school the work the bank If thatÂ’s alotta song to take but would bring out the minds Chorous
D G F# C#I gotta find a way A picture of a lefter day
Wake up to crystal waves Below the sun rise I got one life to life Gotta make the best of this And its not there ill build just find a new route
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