The Bridgeheads - Tinnitus chords

Group: The Bridgeheads
Album: Foreigners (2010)

Verse :
Emi'm nowhere home
Emlike everyone
G Dthey donít know
G Dit's easier so
Emwe've built this thing
Embut our master plan
G Dwent so wrong
G Dit went all wrong
Chorus :
Emyear after year
your soul is heavier
G Dyou're losing your sight and your hearing every day
(D)a powerless little creature
Emnot long ago you were a happy man
G Dall that you want is just to be happy again
(D)why does it take you so long?
Verse 2 :
Emfrom 2 pm
Emto 5 pm
G Dit can go wrong
G Dthey will go home
Emlike a football fan
Emagainst a football fan
G Dand they don't know
G Dwhat's the purpose
(Chorus 2 same as Chorus) Outro :
Ei have those things in my head when i go to sleep
Einteresting things in my head when i eat a meal
Ebut when i'm talking to them
Ethey say they don't know
Ewhat i'm talking about
F#i've told you fifteen times
G# but you haven't got it yet
Afifteen times
B and you haven't got it yet
C# D# Efifteen times and you still don't know what we're about
(E)such a cemented mind
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