The Bruisers - Thats The Way It Goes tab


  C				Em
When youíre in the valley of despair
C				    Em
Feels as though you always will be there			   	             F	
Let your heart be strong, though the road is long,
                  Bb    G/C
 thereís a way to go
C			            Em
Soon enough the path will start to rise,
C					 Em
To mountains high and clear and sunny skies.
			F			   F
The way will take you high, the way will take you low,
		  Bb    G/C
Thatís the way it goes
 C			Em	    C
Thatís the way it goes sometimes, things are going to work out
                    F			Fm
Rain will fall and then sun will shine again,
thatís the way it goes
C				      Em
And when the raging waters rush your way,
C				         Em
And it feels like you wonít last another day.
                   F	                     F
Let your heart be brave, the calming of the waves is nearer than you know
C			       Em    C		                   Em
Stormy days will be a distant dream floating in a still and quiet stream
		    F			    F			    Bb   G/C
The river will run fast, the river will run slow, thatís the way it goes

F	             Fm				  G
Lifeís a mystery and we donít always see Godís hand
 F			           Fm  			G/C
Heís the Lord of love and wonder, one day we will understand


these are the only two chords that need to be clarified, all the others are just the
chord shapes

C --3-- Bb 1----| 1---- --3--| 0----- --3--| -2--- --3--| --3-- 1----| ----- -----|
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