The Brunettes - Your Heart Dies tab


This time 'round how can I pretend
              C            G
That I'm not a bad bad man

Old haunts with new zeros
                 C         G
A fading view of adulthood

C                G
Swinging key parties
               C               G
Well I hear it's a west coast thing
      C                          G
Don't play down your hopeless intrigue
Well not everyone's lawn
Gets mowed twice a week
(What's that supposed to mean?)

I could be as faithful as a seahorse
And if you were a marine biologist
You'd know how tender that line was

Honey pick up on the bittersweet
The tragedy that's life's limbo stick

                 C                           G
'Cause there's a tear jerker waiting in the wings
                               C                   G
Well that's still no reason to be so devoid of feeling
     C                     G
Once you were a trophy for me
                          C              G
And as luck would have it I a trophy for you
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