The Cab - High Hopes In Velvet tab

Title:  High Hopes In Velvet
Artist:  The Cab
Album:  Whisper War
Year:  2008

The strumming goes like this:

V    ^ V    ^ V    ^ V V  V ^

The Whole Song Is Basically Dm-A#-C# and they are all Barre Chords   

 Dm          A#         C#|-5-|      |-6-|      |-3-||-6-|      |-6-|      |-5-||-7-|      |-7-|      |-5-||-7-|      |-8-|      |-5-||-5-|      |-8-|      |-3-||-x-|      |-6-|      |-x-|
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