The Cab – The Pub tab

Here's my first contribution here - an opening riff from great song of The Cab. I'm 
quite sure this is correct, I'm transcribing the rest of the song now. If you have any 
comments - feel free to write me!
Q - quarter note
S - 16th note
E - 8th note
. - dotted note (played half of its length longer)
L - rest (silence!:)
h - hammer on
p - pull off

S S S S S S S S S E E. S S S E. S E E S S S S S S SE||-------------------------------|--------------------2-5-2-4---|B||----3-2------------------------|------------------3---------3-|G||--L-----2-4---2-----2--2---2-3-|--L-3---3----4--4-------------|D||------------5---2-5------------|----------5-------------------|A||-------------------------------|------------------------------|E||-------------------------------|------------------------------|
S S S S S S S S S E E S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S E--------------------------------|--3---2---0h-2p-0--------------------|----3-2-----------------------5-|----5---3---------3-2----------------|--------2-4---2-----2--2--2-3---|----------------------4-2------------|------------5---2-5-------------|--------------------------5-4-2------|--------------------------------|--------------------------------5-4--|--------------------------------|-------------------------------------|
S S S S S S S S S E E. S S S E. S E E S S S S S S S-------------------------------|--------------------2-5-2-4---|----3-2------------------------|------------------3---------3-|--L-----2-4---2-----2--2---2-3-|--L-3---3----4--4-------------|------------5---2-5------------|----------5-------------------|-------------------------------|------------------------------|-------------------------------|------------------------------|
E S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S E S S S S S S Q S--7--10-7-9-------------------------|---------------------------------|------------10-9-8-7---8---7--------|--8------------------------------|----------------------------------9-|---------9-----------------------|---------------------9---9---7h-8---|----7h-8-----------5-------------|------------------------------------|-----------------7--------7----L-|------------------------------------|------------5h-6-----5h-6--------|
This riff is played twice with slight rhytmic variation in the second part - listen to the song to get it. Good luck with this one!
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