The Camerawalls – Solitary North Star chords

since wala pang chords na binibigay sa kantang ito ng The Camerawalls 
(, naisipan ko uling gumawa, ganda rin kasi nito

Note: capo on 4th fret sa actual na kanta, paki transpose song na lang "Down 4 
Half Steps" if may capo kayo, kung wala naman, ito ang chords..

Intro (sipol): E - AM7 (4x)

E AM7 EThe sun rises and sets without saying goodbye
AM7 E AM7 EOnly leaves spectacular rays before it sleeps right before our eyes.
AM7 E AM7 E AM7Silently being covered by night's naked blanket of mystery
G#m C#m AM7 (pause) BFor sometimes only in darkness can we realize depth and significance
AM7 E G#m C#7Of movement and time, of people and purpose,
AM7 (pause) BAnd of infinity, Yes, Infinity
AM7As we gaze at the vast space above us
G#m C#7 AM7Beyond the clouds; fabled stars will appear
F#m (p) AM7 (p) B B7Do you count or look intently for brief moments of wonder?
E AM7There is beauty in darkness (4x)
G#m C#mFor during times my life is covered with shadows
G#m AM7 BMy road hardly visible with devious fog
G#m C#m AM7And storms chasing my strength and bleeding me dry
F#m (pause) AM7 (pause) B (1 strum only) I close my eyes and think of you - my solitary North Star.
AM7As we ease the vast space between us
G#m C#7 AM7Beneath our eyes; twinkle of tears will appear
F#m (p) AM7 (p) B B7Do we kiss or look intently for endless moments in wonder?
E - AM7There is beauty in absence (4x)
Outro (sipol): E - AM7 (4x) then EM7 or E to end that's it! email me at (also my FB add) for more questions regarding the song.. thanks ultimate-guitar! 4-20-2011 9:15pm
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