The Cat Empire – The Rhythm tab

Standard Tuning

Lead Intro tabbed by Solced


Verse 1
Trumpet Solo Chords and lyrics: (Intro) D# And for all of the sweet loving that G# I have received In the sun in the rain A# By the moon by the sea There is one time that I'm thinking of G One time where one woman D# Did knock me off my feet And my knees were shaking G# And my jaw was dropping And my eyes were squinting A# And my smile was growing And my pants were bulging G And my hands were sweating And my chest was beating G# So I cry 'excuse me, A# What is the secret to your song?' (Verse 1) D# G# Cause when you're walking along A# G When you're walking along: D# G# Your legs are a melody my hands A# Would like to play G And your hips are a note That does take me away D# G# And your face and your eyes and your hair A# G And your waist and your smile D# Drive me to distraction G# A# She turned and she gave the evil eye G 'why thankyou' she said D# G# Then she sigh 'ah there's one thing A# G I think you failed to mention:' D# 'What?' I said then she said G# 'It's the rhythm you forgot' A# G And right then I knew what was what D# And she snuck to my lips G# And she kissed them A# Said 'young man G I'll show you some rhythm' (Trumpet Solo) D# - G# - A# - G And she'll show you some rhythm (Verse 2) Em And since then ha D G The rhythm's been running through my veins C In my thoughts in my eyes Em In my head it's insane D It's the thing that does drive me To scream G On the street when I think of some C Places it's taken me Em D G I feel horny when I thinking of some of that rhythm in my mind C What she gave what she gives to me Em All of the time D Say a little bit of sweet loving in your day G All my friends know it keeps the C Bad thoughts away Em D So sing with your hips my baby G C When you're dancing to this tune Em D And when this tune is through We'll sneak to some place G C And continue to: D Say sing with your hips my baby When you're dancing to this tune And when this tune is through We'll sneak to some place and Continue to - She said I'll show you some rhythm D# - G# - A# - G And she'll show you some rhythm D# - G# - A# - G
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