The Chameleons – Indiana tab

Band : The Chameleons 
Album title: why call it anything
song title :indiana

normal tuning

structure: D G C


dave's part, effect: chorus

chords D I see what you see D Yeah I get what you're after D Visions of something G It turns out to be C D Shades of Limboland and MTV G Don't rationalise C D Your sentence lies so tenderly D She was a girl who could turn you in time D Morons they wanted more, more, more G C D I saw her lead the dance across the floor G C D Amongst the flowers and ivory towers of long ago D Hey hey, hey Anja D He, hey, hey Anja G C D Hey, hey, hey Anja D I see what you are after D You feel it in my laughter I know G C D I know it's late but I don't want to go. G C D The fragrance and the radiance and the afterglow. D The afterglow. D I don't want to go. D Hey, hey, hey Anja D Hey, hey, hey Anja G C D Hey, hey, hey Anja Oh Anja
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