The Chameleons - Ps Goodbye tab

Artist :The Chameleons
Album : What does anything means basically
Title : ps goodbye

I am not sure it is exactly the right version
because the bass makes some tone difficult to hear. 
any comment welcome

Tuning = normal

guitar 1

palm muteE-----------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------| D-----7--------6----------4-----------4---------|A----7--7-7--7----7-7-7--4--4-4---0--2---2-2-2--|D-----------------------------------------------|Repeat along the song
start at the middle of the first verse of guitar 1
Guitar 2 cleanE----0-----------0------------0-------|B----------4----------4----------4----|G-------4----------4----------4-------| D-------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------|
Repeat along the song enjoy
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