The Civil Wars - 20 Years tab

"20 Years" by the Civil Wars

Capo 7

Play chords as follows: G Em D/F# Ame--3------0-------3------0--------------------|B--3------0-------3------1--------------------|G--0------0-------0------2--------------------|D--0------2-------0------2--------------------|A--0------2-------0------0--------------------|E--3------0-------2------0--------------------|
Riff:e-----------------------------------0-----|B-----------------0-----------------0-----|G--2h4p2p0------0---0-2h4p2p0-------------|D-----------0h2----------------0h2--------| x2A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
Intro: Riff For the verse I play the chord Em then walk up to the G through the D/F# then down from G through D/F# to the Em Em D/F# G There's a note underneath the front door D/F#Em G D/F# that I wrote twenty years ago Em D/F# G Yellow paper and a faded picture Am (Riff) And a secret in an envelope Em D/F# G There's no reasons No excuses D/F# Em G D/F# There's no secondhand alibis Em D/F# G Just some black ink on some blue lines Am (Riff) and a shadow you won't recognize Instrumental Verse
RIFF Em G In the mean time I'll be waiting Em G D/F# for twenty years and twenty more Em G I'll be praying for redemption Am Em D/F# and your note underneath my door Am (Riff) And your note underneath my door _____
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