The Clash – Capitol Radio chords

Capital Radio by the Clash

E B E A Yes, it's time for
E B E A E B E C#m A B the Dr. Goebbels Show!
E B E AThere's a tower in the heart of London
E B E AWith a radio station right at the top
E B E C#mThey don't make the city beat
A BThey're making all the action stop
E B E AA long time ago they were pirates
E B E ABeaming waves from the sea
E F#m ABut now all the stations are silenced
A B E'Cos they ain't got a government license
Wanna tell your problems Phone in from your bedsit room Having trouble with your partner Let us all in on the news If you wanna hear a record Get the word from Aiden Day He picks all the hits to play To keep you in your place all day
E C#m A B (repeat)Ca - pital Radi - o
In tune with nothing Don't touch that dial
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