The Classic Crime - My Name chords

The Classic Crime - My Name
Tuning: Half Step Down

Intro: C Em G 2x

C Em GI have seen my own gravestone
C Em Gand worshiped the golden statue
C Em GIíve made my bed in the lion's den
Dand walked in dead man's shoes
C Em GI have witnessed the coastline
C Em Gfrom a bird's eye view
C Em GAnd I made the request that we plunge to our death
Dso that I could get to You
Bm AI will walk through the fire
F#m GI will not be afraid
Bm AThey can take everything that I have
F#m GBut they canít give me my name
C Em GI have climbed every bookshelf
C Em GIn search of hardcover proof
C Em GAnd if I am judged by the things I have loved
D I hope some of them are true
Bm, G 2x Bm, A, GName...
G Bm"Do whatever fulfills you
G BmMake the most of each day"
GThatís what weíre taught since before we could walk
ABut it all will fade away
Bm, G 2x Bm, A, GName...
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