The Classic Crime - Beautiful Darkside chords version 2

E B G#m F# cause I have the most reckless heart when I try
E B F# and I have the most beautiful darkside
E B I need to find some meaning
G# F# Something true to believe in
E B F# cause left to my own devices
E the beautiful darkside wins
*(start intro line again) the beautiful darkside wins BRIDGE:
E Someday I will die
G# Could be today or tonight
B The truth Is Iím terrified
F# That I have wasted time
**interlude**E---------------------|B---------------------|G--9- --9- --------|D--9-x12--9-x4--6-----|A--7- --6- --6-x16-|E---------------4-----|
Repeat the Chorus, into the intro/verse line and thats it! This was my first tab, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also if there are any songs you want tabbed out shoot me a message! Hope y'all enjoy, God bless, and happy playing!
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