The Click Five - Dont Let Me Go tab version 3

Artist: The Click Five
Song Title: Donít Let Me Go
Tabbed by: Joannestl

Intro/verse1/verse2e|------------------------------------|B|---7---7----------------------------|G|-----------6---7---4---4---7---6----| x2D|------------------------------------|A|---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5----|E|------------------------------------|
e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|---7-----7---------------------------------------------|G|---------------6-----7-----4-----4-----7-----6---------| x2D|-------------------------------------------------------|A|---5--5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5------|E|-------------------------------------------------------|
Verse1 I can see your shadow lying in the moonlight I can hear your heartbeat playing on my right side Every night I long for this, makin' up what I miss I can hear you breathing letting out a sad sigh
Pre Choruse|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------|G|----4--4--4--4--6--6--6--6--7--7--7--7--6--6--6--6---|D|-----------------------------------------------------|A|----5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5---|E|-----------------------------------------------------|
You tried so hard to hide your scars Always on your guard Chorus D A Dont, dont let me go Em A G A Dont make me hold on when you're not D A Dont, dont turn away Em A Em What can I say so you wont G D No dont, dont let me go... Verse 2 I can see the skyline fading in the distance Tears are comin' down ,Im trying just to make sense I dont listen to the radio just the engine and the road I wonder if my words are makin' any difference I dream and then it seem to end but always come again Bridge Em A I'm comin' down D to where you're standing Em A I need you now D or you'll be watchin' Em D me hit the ground A with crashing in.... Chorus Dont, dont let me go Dont make me hold on when you're not Dont, dont turn away What can I say so you wont No dont, dont let me go... Dont let me go Dont let me go...
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