The Clientele - I Cant Seem To Make You Mine tab

(I Can't Seem To) Make You Mine
The Clientele
Tabbed by: JJmig

Tuning: Standard, Capo 2

Intro: D G/F# D G/F#e|---------------2-------2-------------0--------0------2------2-----------0-|B|--------3-----------------3------------------------3----------3-----------|G|-----2-------2------2--------0-----0--------2------------2------0-----0---|D|--0--------0------0----------0---0-------0-------0-----0--------0---0-----|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------3-------3----------------------------3-----3-------|
A Asus4 A6 A7 G/F# A Asus4e|-----------------0-----2-3-------2----------------------------------------|B|------2---3--------2---------------3--------------2---3-2----------2-0----|G|----2---2---2--------2---------------0---0------2---------2------2--------|D|-------------2-----------------0-------0-----------------------0----------|A|--0-------0-----------------------------------0-----0--------0------------|E|-----------------------------3--------------------------------------------|
The Rest of the song is essentially the same, just pick these chords similar to above.
Dsus2 or D G/F# A then Asus4 with the occasional Ce|---0--------2------2--------0------0----------------------------0----------|B|---3--------3------3--------2------3----------------------------1----------|G|---2--------2------0--------2------2----------------------------0----------|D|---0--------0------0--------2------2----------------------------2----------|A|-------------------X--------0------0----------------------------3----------|E|-------------------3-------------------------------------------------------|
D G In the silence of the garden D G Mist arising on the wind D C And the beast is pondering love love love G A Asus4 G 'Till the rusty nails grow dim D G I can't seem to make you mine D G Through the long and lonely night D G A Asus4 And I try so hard, darling D G But the crowd pulled you away D G Through the ribbons and the rain D G A Asus4 G And the ivy coiled around my hand So I lingered with the people In the silent August glade But the rain has brought the night And the night has brought the rain I can't seem to make you mine Through the long and lonely night And I try so hard, darling But the crowd pulled you away Through the ribbons and the rain And the ivy coiled around my hand
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