The Cog Is Dead – The Inventors Daughter chords

The Inventor’s Daughter

Intro: A  D  E  A  A  D  E  A


A DI once knew a girl with a heart of gold
E ATwo legs of copper and arms of chrome
A DThe prettiest girl I ever knew
E AI loved each rivet, bolt and screw
Shiny locks of wire hair And copper plating everywhere There was no doubt she had to be The one and only girl for me Chorus:
E ABut she was the daughter of a mean old man,
E AAn inventor who just wouldn't let her go
E AAnd though his creation had grown fond of me,
D EHis continual responses told me no
So we made a plan to elope that day We packed our kisses to the far away I went to her window late that night And she was ready for our flight I was happy as I could be When she wrapped her tiny metal arms round me And with a propeller sticking from her head We switched it on and fled! But her father was a crazy man And he didn't want to let us get away He was able to pull us from the sky that night With a powerful magnetic ray So he took my girl from me And shunned me for eternity He locked her up inside a room As cold and awful as a tomb And though I am consumed with rage I know that man is up in age And soon as he is finally dead Then she and I will wed! La, la, la la la La, la la la la la la La, la, la la la La, la la la la la la La, la, la la la La, la la la la la la La, la, la la la La la la la la La la la la La la la la La "We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news. At approximately 2:05 PM this afternoon, an English clockmaker by the name of Hamilton revealed to the world a new kind of clock. This sick, twisted design displays the time digitally on a small backlit screen and is run entirely on electricity. Hamilton predicts that this new abomination is the way of the future, and believes that someday these hideous creations of his will be in every home in the world. It is with deep regret that we announce to you, dear listeners, that the cog is dead. We repeat: The cog is dead."
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