The Colour Movement – Future Man chords

Hello! This is a quick guide to the chords of 'Future Man', by The Colour 
Movement. This is my first ever tab and I'm still a beginner on guitar but I 
couldn't find this tab anywhere; so here it is. 

FUTURE MAN - The Colour Movement

C Hoping for the best, expecting the worst
AmI think I'll have a drink to cure this pain first
CAnd, yes, both of us were screaming down the phone
AmAnd, yes, for both of us it's so damn hectic
Dm (F)But I know
CIt's the future man that I want
AmWhat we're both searching for
CIt's the future man that I want
Am Dm AmWhat we're both searching for
------------------------------------------ The pattern continues like this throughout the whole song. There is also a gap between the first chorus and second verse which is filled with this: ------------------------------------------
repeated four times. ----------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed this tab. I am a beginner so feel free to correct any mistakes I have made (which, hopefully, will be none!). The song is fairly easy, but then again it was made on a machine so it probably would have to be :) The Colour Movement's Website:
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