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The Coronas – Someone Elses Hand chords

Am7 G Am7 GI can't hide from the thought of losing control
Am7 G Am7 GThis disguise means I'm not who you think you know
Dm7 G7 Am7 GCause I've seen my fair share of broken hearted love
Dm7 G7 Am7 G But it just don't scare me half as much as it should
Dm7 F Am G Mistakes that you made, I don't wanna know, I don't wanna know, I don't
wanna know
Dm7 F Am7 GAll the ways that you've gained just makes it so much harder letting go
Am7 G Am7 G In a daze I watched it move behind your eyes
Am7 G Am7 GBut in some way I think you knew what I hid behind
Am7 G Am7 GIt's easier to leave you cold than to waste your time
Am7 G Am7 GAnd if you hurt, know you broke your soul to save two lives
Dm7…Cause I've seen….
C G Fmaj7And I'm sorry but now I have to go
G Am7 G Fmaj7You know we got too close, I hope you understand
C G Fmaj7That I can't give you all the things you want
G Am7 G Fmaj7You know my heart belongs in someone else's hands
C / G / Fmaj7 / G / Am7 / G / Fmaj7 / / / C Someone else's hands
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