The Corrs – Runaway chords

Intro: F

          F              Gm    Bb

            Say it's true

                                            F             Gm   Bb

            There's nothing like me and you

          F               Gm    Bb

            I'm not alone

                              F         Gm   Bb

            Tell me you feel it too

         Dm         Bb

              I would run away

                          Gm                   C

              I would run away  yeah, yeah

                           Dm       Bb

              I would run away

                          Gm                C   Bb

              I would run away with you

Chorus:       F    Gm  Bb

            'Cos I'm

                                F     Gm   Bb

            I'm falling in love        with...

            F            Gm     Bb

            You know I'm never

                   F     Gm          Bb       C    F

       I'm never gonna stop falling in love with you     
    (F       Gm    Bb)

            Close the door  
            Lay down and pull me slow            
            And by candlelight           
            Make love to me through the night
    (Dm         Bb      Gm          C)

           'Cos I have run away
            I have run away  yeah, yeah
            I have run away  (run away)
            I have run away with you


           I would run away?

          Bb C Bb C
          Bb C Bb Bb
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