The Courteeners - Yesterday Today Probably Tomorrow tab

this is a finger picking song
i cant work out the picking but the chords are:

(Chords are relative to capo)

C:   032010
C/B: 300010
Am7:  x02010
F:   133211
G:   355433


C   F  G

I'm not going to sit here and lie and list all the many ways
          F                          G
About how I will supposedly love you till the end of days
Because I think that we both know in twenty-eight and a half years' time
     F                         G
That I won't be yours and you probably won't be mine

C              C/B            Am
But yesterday, today and probably tomorrow
This little one will find it hard to find sorrow
Yesterday, today and probably tomorrow

Middleton to Withington and Middleton and back
Is more than enough to make the average Middletonian crack
So I will stand outside the Travelodge and bite my tongue
Your best friends look me up and down and I'll write the song

Will they be there on Tuesday night
Running the bath and turning out the lights?
Will they be there on Thursday afternoons To welcome you home from Euston platform 
heart-shaped balloons? No

Yesterday, today and probably tomorrow
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