The Cribs - Hari Kari chords

here are the chords that I use when playing Hari Kari by the cribs - from their 
new album ignore the ignorant - see my version here
Intro  - D
F AmIf you combine flattery With a long history
Dm CThen there are no easy answers
F AmYou hid your face, You hid your face in a place
Dm CWhere there are no easy answers�
F DmIn the name of everyone who met me Am I supposed to commit Hari Kari?
F Am Dm C With sword in hand I face demands
F DmDelivered with the best intentions from the department of corrections\
F Am Dm C F Am CBut who will tell my next of kin That tomorrow stands for nothing?
F AmIt was years ago, it was years ago Since you left us Alone
Dm F CIt was years ago, it was years ago
F AmAnd only time will show, only time will show
Dm F CHow much you mean to The world Only time will show It was years ago
Break - Dm
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