The Cribs – We Share The Same Skies chords

Great song from the album called "Ignore The Ignorant". Sounds correct to me, hope you'll enjoy!

Dm    - xx0231
G     - 320003
Am    - x02210
Em    - x22000
Fmaj7 - 13321x

Dm G AmA strange union the other day
Dm G Em AmIt's a dead Russian, the papers say
Dm G Am EmBut it would be nice if they re - a - lised
Dm G AmThat she thought 'he is mine'
Fmaj7 GThis town has got you down and I know
AmI was helping you out
Fmaj7 GWhile your hope died under northern skies and it shows
Am Fmaj7I was helping you to realise
G Am Fmaj7 The reason why, it was no surprise
G AmNo waaaaaa-ay
Dm G AmThe act will pass by no-one
Dm G Em AmAnd I'm said to say it's not different today
Dm G Am EmBe comforted by we share the same skies
Dm G AmAnd for once pay no mind
Fmaj7 GI have decided it's best that you know
AmI'm still thinking about
Fmaj7 GOld lies as north-west skies grow cold
AmNo point in denying
Fmaj7 G Am Fmaj7Anxiety was my favourite feeling after jealousy
G AmYeah, I'll concede
Fmaj7 Am Fmaj7 GThat I could not, I could not be as nervous as I was
Fmaj7 Am Fmaj7 G AmI could not, I could not no waaaaaaaaaaa-ay
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