The Cribs - Ignore The Ignorant chords

easy song
standard tuning and all that crap


A F#m DIn these passionate places, there's a piece of me in every town
A F#m DAnd the dailect changes they never seem to wear me out
A F#m DYes the war is over but noone ever told my heart
Bm DThat it's all a laugh because i'm throwing england to the dogs
F#m Dbut anyway
A F#m D ETo be in the right i'd give my life, me life
A F#m D Ebut you must see it through, it's now down to you
INTRO VERSE Allthough you want the boy that is, you will never change the boy that was and though he lives in a hotel, he seems to scrub up rather well. It's just a shame you can't ignore the ignorant because you seem them everyday CHORUS
A F#m D ETo be proven right i'd give my life my life
A F#m D EAh ahh ahhhh ignore the ignorant
INTRO simple
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