The Cribs - Victim Of Mass Production chords

Sorry dudes a very rough tab. Class song though.

Intro F#  F#add9
F#Well he's a creature without a care
Ebm Except for the fact that he'll only wear
G#mThe things he sees in magazines
C#He is a victim of mass production
F#I was brought up with my own beliefs
Ebm And well, I prided myself on being free
G#mBut the powers-that-be invaded me
C#Looking for some weapons of mass destruction
F#The first time that I met my mate
Ebm Was in a building that houses the things I hate
G#mBut she seemed to feel the things I feel
C#She is the object of my affection
F#I never thought that you'd care
Ebm I can't believe that you're still living there
G#mBut you'll always be the last who sees
C#You are a victim of mass production
B G#m C# F# Well I've seen it all before but that's not for me to say
BWe'll live, We'll die
We'll never say goodbye
G#m B C#Cos we're not supposed to be here anyway
Chords are the same now throughout, just work it out, its easy..
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