The Cribs - Housewife chords


G Bm Em De|-------3---------3-2----------------------------------------------------------|B|-0-3-0-----0-3-0------0-3-0-5---0-5-3-----------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------2--------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G BmI think the world is a mobile phone
Em Dand the future is a strip mall
G Bmyou didnt need me to tell you that
Em Dits synthetic love from noone
D GI wish I was a housewife
Bm EmTrying to gain your trust, dont you touch my finger
Dand turn me to dust
G BmAnd this is what you asked for, so go on steal the show
Em DWould you like to speak to someone? I just dont know
Then the rest is just the same.
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