The Cribs – I Should Have Helped chords

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The Cribs: "I Should Have Helped"

Capo 3rd Fret (All chords listed are relative to capo)

C FYou should take it back in no circumstance
GI understand, remember
C FThe man on the street is wrong
F GI used to think I knew something that
CNo one else knew
Am I was a fool
F GWhen a lonely voice in a lonely town
CJust couldn't tell
A7 F G CI should have helped out
CAnd the times you'd wait
FOutside the corn exchange
GWith ghosts and rain
C FYou were lost when the cloud came down
GMy friend
FWhen a loved one's dead
GYou look at the sky
C AmIn a different way, but that's OK
F GCos perfect things still can break your heart
CThat's not to say
A7 F G CI'd ever change that
F G There's always still guilt
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