The Crookes – Godless Girl chords

The Crookes - Godless Girl

E-|---------------------------| (2x)B-|---------------------------|G-|-----7777--7-6-7-6---------|D-|--------------------9-7----|A-|---------------------------|E-|---------------------------|
E-|---------------------------| (2x)B-|-----7-7-7---7/8/7---------|G-|---------------------7~----|D-|---------------------------|A-|---------------------------|E-|---------------------------|
D D A life, a wreck.
BmCharming is her dress...
...and the nape of her neck
D D My ink's awry,
Bmin the blink of an eye
It leaves, by the by.
D D BmTake off old threads by her tomb of a bed.
Am I right in the head?
D D BmAnd we'll pretend like we're angry young men...
...lest we should forget.
Em GYea... Yea...
D D BmAngst marrs your eyes (such unclear warning signs).
Am I evil? Am I kind?
D D BmMy heart's cold drone will outlive these faded bones...
...but I won't always be alone, I won't always feel this... Em G
A G DHow she now sits oddly with the times.
D Em BmI was lost, was lost, was lost and so ashamed.
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