The Damnwells - The Same Way tab

"The Same Way" by The Damnwells

Half-step down

Intro/Verseeb --3---3---3--------------|Bb --3---3---3--------------|Gb --0---2---0--------------|Db --0-------2--------------|Ab --0----------------------|Eb --3----------------------|
Verse changes when he sings "So I can feel...."eb --3---3---3--------------|Bb --3---3---3--------------|Gb --0---2---0--------------|Db --0-------0--------------|Ab --0-------3--------------|Eb --3----------------------|
Choruseb --3---3---3-------3---3-------3------|Bb --3---3---3-------3---3-------3------|Gb --0---2---0-(x2)--0---2-(x3)--0------|Db --0-------0-------2-----------0------|Ab --0-------3-------2-----------3------|Eb --3----------------------------------|
For the last chorus, play the first part 3 times and then it's the second part for the remainder of the song
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