The Dangerous Summer - Good Things Acoustic chords

Amazing song, no one tabbed it, so I had to. Half Step tuned Down. In a rush sorry for 
the chicken scratch tabs, but hopefully you all get it! Have fun with it, and get dem ladies!


E'ish' F'ish' Am7 G7 (maybe)C- - - - -
1 1 1 1 10 0 0 0 02 3 2 0 22 3 0 2 30 - - 3 -
E F"I'm safe,..."
Bridge to Verse (kinda)
Am7 to G7"I'll try to turn things..."
Back to E F"I'll say..."
Pretty much easy to figure out the everything before the chorus from there... And Chorus is your simple A F C G progression
Am7 F C G7"Now that I've found some time, all the pain won't bother me"
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