The Deadly Syndrome - Animals Wearing Clothes chords



CThis was poorly planned
FAnd executed twice as bad
G CAnd now we're swapping stories 'cross the table
CYeah, it's rather sad
FThat mom would cry 'cause dad got mad
GSo she locked herself in a burnt out house
While wedding bells were ringing out
CKeep it to yourself
AmMake your life a living hell
FDie a little every day
GMost people die that way
CAnd when it all went wrong
AmYou became a ghost
G FIt's not as hard as you'd supposed
GWe're animals wearing clothes
etc I also play this when there ain't lyrics, to mimic the lead (you work out the rythmn for the chords)
e--------------1-----------3--------------|B--1--3S5-3S1--1--3S5-3S1--0--3S5-3S1-----|G--0-----------2-----------0--------------| Etc!D--2-----------3-----------0--------------|A--3-----------3-----------2--------------|E--------------1-----------3--------------|
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