The Dear Hunter - Blood Of The Rose tab

		    Blood of the Rose– The Dear Hunter
Tabbed by: Tyler Gjersee

Tuning: Standard

This is a way to play this great Dear Hunter song. I have long fingers so this
 is the best way for me to play this and still retain the sounds of the string 
section. Listen to the song for the rhythms and style. If any chords are wrong 
please e-mail me or comment. Have fun.

Bm G F# e|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------4---------3---|D|-----12----------12---------12---------12-----------------------|A|---9----9------9----9-----11--11-----11--11-----5---5-----4---4-|E|7-----------7----------7----------7----------3---------2--------|
Bm G F# Bm Dance, dance your decay all the while unknowing you’re led astray Bm G F# Bm Sleep, sleep through your woe while your voice slowly withers and melts away Bm G F# Sing unto me the pleasure and pain Bm G F# Reveal to me the reasons my loves not in vain Bm Sangre, sangre de la rosa G F# Bm Sige en paz sin el pasado Bm Rese, rese por su alma G F# Ellamurira en el bautismo de el fuego Bm G F# Sing unto me the pleasure and pain Bm G F# Reveal to me the reasons my loves not in vain Not the exact rhythms but listen to the song and you can figure them out easily.
Gm C The world burns but still we breathe... Gm C The iron chambered heart a sieve Gm C that sifts through honest elegance and Gm C suffers from the wrong defense End with the intro section | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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