The Dear Hunter - Evicted chords

One of my favorites off of Act II.

Electric Piano part:
C Em C Em C Em C EmI have been evicted from a soul constricted
C Em C EmBy the flameless fire
C Em C EmCan we all just go cold
*Pre-Chorus* Just C and Em, same as the intro *Chorus*
F G C FIf you need a little cash you sell yourself to everything
F G C F AmA dollar in exchange for failing hearts, so loudly sing
Am FOh how I surely know that frame of mind
DmSleeping softly curbside
G AmComfortably abroad on a stolen ticket
Am FNone of this will last, all of this will pass
DmWhen bed sheets are broken glass
GI know your hearts all skip a beat in empathy
*Repeat Chorus* *Repeat Verse* *Bridge*
F Its just that easy, pick yourself up
AmNow go give the world a great big smile
Hey kid get a job
FWash that mouth out, ditch those morals
AmSleep your way right to the top
Hey kid get a job *Repeat Pre-Chorus* They also do a pre-chorus with the chorus' chords in there Listen for that
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