The Dear Hunter - The Tank chords

3rd song on the album

|------------||--The Tank--||------------|
Cause we all want to play the intro:
then the ascending part:
For guitar, a single Cm chord will have to cover all violin parts. *Verse*
GmEight wheels lusting for the lives of infantry
Gm/EHis turrets turning from accountability
Cm"We sing our final song and soon this verse is over"
GmHe makes advances till his wheels cease to roll
Gm/EHis god is smiling on his cold mechanic soul
Cm"His plot is perfect if it sees no contradiction"
D EbThere is no sign that he shows
D EbA sign of slowing...
Gm Cm Eb Gm/EYou've stained your skin and I won't stick around, around
Gm Cm Eb Long enough to count the hearts that hit the ground
D CmSo long ago, was I one of them?
GmYour urgency hastened by his ingenuity
Gm/EIts just a matter of moments till your body is debris
Cm"His plot is perfect if it sees no contradiction."
*Repeat Chorus* *Bridge*
D EbStill he moves on
DArm and iron
EbConquer heart and soul
DAnd what of those in silent disconnect
Sundry souls akin in consequence
CmBegging for bliss beyond the pain
DRelief is just a turrets turn away
*Repeat Chorus* ---------------------------- *Note* The Gm/E chord can also be played as this chord in this song x7898x
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