The Deele - Sweet November chords

Sweet November
Words & Music by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds
Performed by The Deele & Troop
chorded by houseofjaz
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[-|ch]D[/ch] - Bm7 - Em7 - GM7/A
[-|ch]D[/ch] - Bm7 - Em7 - F#m7 - GM7/AVerse I
G A/G F#m7 Bm7When autumn first arrived, You were my lady..
G A/G F#m7 (Am7/D - D-Major)And love was written in the winter snow...
G F# F#/A#
(Bm7, Bm7/A, E-Major)And with the change of months, there came October
Em7 F#m7 GM7/A (Ab dim)And now i wonder Where our love, Did go..
G A/G F#m7 Bm7It was the second rain of autumn...We shared our feelings
G A/G F#m7
(Am7/D - D)And it was such a glorious autumn dream, Yes it was..
G F# F#/A#
(Bm7, Bm7/A, E-Major)But like kids we were too shy to say to each other
Em7 F#m7 GM7/A (Ab dim)That together, we would always like, To be...
D Am7/D GM7 GM7/ASomeday soon, I know we'll come together
D Am7/D GM7 (GM7/A)Even though our feelings change as seasons do.
D Am7/D G E-MajorBut, maybe sweet November will tell us the story
Em7 F#m7 GM7/AThat will bring us back the love...
That we both knew.. (Play The Intro Again) Verse II (Use The Same Chords from verse 1 and chorus) When autumn first arrived, you said you'd be my lady And you promised me that you would Never go , ooh ,hoo But, with the change of months..their came October And now I'm wondering Where, where did our love go.. It was the second rain of autumn (second rain of autumn) We shared our feelings.. And it was such... Such a glorious autumn dream, yes it was But like kids were too shy , to say to one another That together we would always like To be....
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