The Devil Makes Three - The Plank tab

this tab is kind of rough, i just outlined the main
parts of the chord that you have to play. aand the chord names are 
above the tab and such. if you listen to the song while 
your learning, try to pay attention to what notes he lets ring.


Em Cmaj7 Badd4e|-------------------------------0--|B|---8---8---8-------0-0---------0--|G|---9---9---9------[9]--------8----|D|---9---9---9----------10-----9----|A|-7-------7-------10--------9-9----|E|-----7-------7-3-8-------8-7------|
that nine is in brackets because you can play it or not, it doesn't really matter. Bridge im not sure if the notes are played that constantly, but thats how i play it and it sounds good to me
Em Am C Be|---------------------------------------------|B|---8---8---8---8-----0-----------------------|G|---9---9---9---9---5---------9--9--9--8-8-8--|D|---9---9---9---9---7---10----10-10-10-9-9-9--|A|-7-------7-------7-------10--10-10-10-9-9-9--|E|-----7-------7---5---------8-8--8--8--7-7-7--|
there you go, listen to the song to get figure out the order.
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