The Divine Comedy – Tonight We Fly chords

The general pattern for this song is G D Am Em C G D B7 Em G C Em Am C D7. Although, you can skip the d7 when you’re playing the “over the…..over the” part.
G D Over the houses
Am EmThe streets and the trees
C G DOver the dogs down below
B7 Em They'll bark at our shadows
Am C D7As we float by on the breeze
D Am Tonight we fly
Em C Over the chimney tops
G DSkylights and slates –
B7 EmLooking into all your lives
Am CAnd wondering why
D7 GHappiness is so hard to find
G D Am EmOver the doctor, over the soldier
C G D B7 Over the farmer, over the poacher
Em G C EmOver the preacher, over the gambler
Am C G DOver the teacher, over the rambler
Am Em C GOver the lawyer, over the dancer
D B7 Em G C EmOver the voyeur, over the builder and the destroyer,
Am C D7 GOver the hills and far away
D AmTonight we fly
Em COver the mountains
G DThe beach and the sea
B7 Em GOver the friends that we've known
C EmAnd those that we now know
Am C D7 GAnd those who we've yet to meet
D AmAnd when we die
Em G COh, will we be
D B7That disappointed
Em Or sad
G CIf heaven doesn't exist
Em AmWhat will we have missed
C D7 This life is the best we've ever had
You can also make it more original at the end by strumming the D7 down and start the decrease the speed and then finally add the G. Any questions about this tab please email me at . This is my first tab so don’t be too harsh on me.
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