The Divine Comedy - Tonight We Fly chords version 2

I play this on piano, and I find it best to just play each chord over and over 
again very quickly until the next chord kicks in. Try listening to the song to get 
the best rhythm.

G D Am Em Tonight we fly
C G Over the houses
D B The streets and the trees
Em G C Over the dogs down below
Em Am They'll bark at our shadows
C D As we float by on the breeze
G D Am Em Tonight we fly
C G Over the chimney tops
D B Skylights and slates -
Em G C Looking into all your lives
Em Am And wondering why
C D Happiness is so hard to find
G D Am Em Over the doctor, over the soldier
C G D B Over the farmer, over the poacher
Em G C Em Over the preacher, over the gambler
Am C G D Over the teacher, over the rambler
Am Em C G Over the lawyer, over the dancer
D B Em G C Em Over the voyeur, over the builder and the destroyer,
Am C D Over the hills and far away
G D Am Em Tonight we fly
C G Over the mountains
D B The beach and the sea
Em G C Over the friends that we've known
Em Am And those that we now know
C D And those who we've yet to meet
G D Am Em And when we die
C Oh, will we be
G D That disappointed
B Or sad
Em G C If heaven doesn't exist
Em Am What will we have missed
C D G This life is the best we've ever had
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