The Dodos - Eyelids tab

               	     Eyelids - The Dodos

Tabbed by:  Brian

Tuning:  Open A (E A C# E A E) low to high

I did not tab the strum rhythms completely but you can guess them pretty easily by 
to the song.

May not be exact or correct at all (as I did this one by ear) but I wanted to put up 
as I couldnt find this tab anywhere.

[Intro/Verse](strum between)e|---0------0------0--0--0--------0------0------0-0-0-----------------------|B|---7------5------7--5--4--------0------0------0-0-0-----------------------|G|---9-(x7)-7-(x7)-9--7--5-(x14)--4-(x7)-2-(x7)-4-2-0-(x14)-----------------|D|---8------5------8--5--3--------0------0------0-0-3-----------------------|A|---0------0------0--0--0--------0------0------0-0-0-----------------------|E|---0------0------0--0--0--------0------0------0-0-0-----------------------|
Thats pretty much the whole song. I posted the lyrics below in case you wanted to sing out The best of these eyelids Is where I keep But I will not weep there 'til you arrive With false compares My heart is unprepared For when I will see you when you arrive I hope that you meet me when I arrive | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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