The Dodos - Coals tab

This song is actually by Meric Long, the vocalist of The Dodos. He wrote this song under 
his own name, but I feel like this still belongs under Dodos regardless.

Fmaj7: 00230x (accentuate the open B string when this comes up)
C:     01023x
C6:    01020x (just take the third finger off from a regular C chord)
Cmaj7: 01002x
G:     xx00x3 (G chord isn't exact, just use your second finger to mute the A string)

Intro: C, C6, Cmaj7, G   x4

"This scene, this place, this part..." (this part is same for all the verses, it just repeats when needed)------------------------------------0-----------------------------------------------0-----------|--1-----------3-----------1------------3--1---------------3-------------1-------------3--1------|------2----2------2---2-------2---2----------0----0---0---------0---0--------0---0-----------2--|-----0----0-----0---0-------0---0---------------2---2--------2-----2-------2---2----------------|--3---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
MMmmmmm Mmmmmm MMmmmmmm 000023 (G) Fmaj7 (open B) 000023 (G) x4 Chorus: (You pace, you pose, etc) C, c6, Cmaj7, G
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