The Duke And The King - One More American Song chords

The Duke and the King - One more american song

the chords are not always on the correct position....forgive me that

Capo 4th


C F C F CIf i had a cinder block for every lie i told
F G C F we could have build us a house fine as any city block
Dm G Cto keep us out of the cold,
F G C cause the winters long longer in this shitty town,
F C Dm G with the gas can rusting down the street
F G C F and the cherry trees and evry boom box playing loud
Dm G C F Dm G Cwe sing along we sing till dawn just one more american song
C F C F Cjohn was a quiet boy in school johnny with the fiery red hair
F G C F he went to the army like a lot of them do
Dm G Cand he got fucked up over that
F G C F and if you see him now he pushs a shopping car in the parking lot
C Dm Fif you call him he don't hear a thing
Dm G C Fthe call him john the priest john the king of bottle talk
Dm G C F Dm G C priest of porn his war's still on it's just one more american song
C F C F Cthere's a place i heard about, once...a place called union street
F G C F a place on high a place where we could all be one
Dm G Cit sounded pretty good to me
F G C F and aint no gasoline gonna take us back that way again
C F Gwhen the years have rusted out our fence
Dm G C Fwhen our jeans were torn and we were all the best of friends
Dm F Gand the music .......(???)
Dm G C Fi can hear that band they're near at hand
Dm G C Fand I really hope it's not the wind again, Oh no
Dm G C F Dm G C Git don't belong boys cause something's gone, one more american song
Dm G C F Dm G Fdon't be long boys, I'm hanging on to for just one more american song
Dm G C F Dm G C it's been too long boys, somethings gone , one more american song
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