The Eastern Dark - Johnny And Dee Dee tab

album: where are all the single girls?
tab written by Christian Schlachter ( Send corrections!

A     E              A
I was waiting at the Globe, 
      E              A
I was waiting for my girl, 
      E              D
I was gonna take her home, 
A       E         A
but the video was on 
    E                  A
and my baby just donīt know 
       E             D        
and my eyes see the screen then, 
C#    F#m           C#              F#m
and I know thereīs something going wrong 
         D                 E
and itīs something I canīt find, 
               D          E
the other were Johnny and Dee Dee, 
            D        E
theyīre my heros in life 
             D                E
and they are there to take me high 

Alternatively you can play: E, B, E, B, E, B, A
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