The Enemy – Keep Losing chords

Left handed
The Enemy - Keep Losing. (by conor latcham :)

Em C G A D D/C D/B Dsus2e|--0-----0-----3-----0-----2-----2-----0-----0--|B|--0-----2-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3--|G|--0-----0-----0-----3-----2-----2-----2-----2--|D|--2-----2-----0-----3-----0-----0-----0-----0--|A|--2-----3-----2-----0-----0-----3-----2-----0--|E|--0-----x-----3-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x--|
Verses: Em, C Tired of the...
Em C Em C Em e|--0---------0---------0---------0---------|B|--0---------2---------0---------2---------|G|--0---------0---------0---------0---------|D|--2---------2---------2---------2---------|A|--2---------3---3-2-0-2---------3---3-2-0-|E|--0---0-2-3-x---------0---0-2-3-x---------|
--------------------------------------- Verse 1 ---------------------------------------
Em CTired of the same old places
Em CCold conversations and heartless faces
EmIt's hard when you're young
CIt's too late when you're old
EmYou give all you've got
CThen your leave in a box
--------------------------------------- Bridge 1 (a bit like Dear Prudence like) ---------------------------------------
D D/C, D/B, Dsus2You make mistakes along the way
D D/C, D/B, Dsus2And you'll pay and you'll pay
D D/C, D/B, Dsus2You might make somebody smike
D D/C, D/B, Dsus2, DYou might meet somebody worthwhile
--------------------------------------- Verse 2 ---------------------------------------
Em CTired of the same old lines
And chords then never quite sit right Another line on the road Another string to te bow Another twenty regrets Another night to forget --------------------------------------- Bridge 2 ---------------------------------------
D D/C, D/B, Dsus2You've made mistakes along the way
And the band begins to play They might make sombody smile They might sing something worthwhile --------------------------------------- Chorus 1 ---------------------------------------
G A CKeep losing, Keep boozing
G A CKeep living, Keep forgetting
G A CKeep learning, Never stop burning
G A CKeep earning, It never stops hurting
--------------------------------------- Middle 8 (Violins and Choirs and that) ---------------------------------------
Em, G, AAhh Ahhh Ahhhhahaa X4
(Choir tune for Guitar) Em G A Em G Ae|---------------------------------7------|B|--5----7---6--7-6-7-6-5-3->5--------3---|G|----------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
--------------------------------------- Chorus 2 ---------------------------------------
G A CKeep losing, Keep boozing
Keep living, Keep forgetting Keep learning, Never stop burning Keep earning, It never stops hurting --------------------------------------- Chorus 3 ---------------------------------------
G A CKeep losing, Keep on boozing
(The places we go and the people we know) Keep living, Carry on forgiving (All that we've seen everything we believe) Keep learning, Never stops burning (Ones that we lost but we never forgot) Keep earning, It never stops hurting (The child in your soul That never grows old) --------------------------------------- Middle 8 (Violins and Choirs and that) ---------------------------------------
Em, G, AAhh Ahhh Ahhhhahah X4
Em CKeep Losing, Keep Boozing..
--------------------------------------- Thanks. x
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