The Everybodyfields – Out On The Highway chords

Intro:  C F (Repeat Several Times)

C Fout on the highway son be careful
Cyour mother sure loves you
smell of liquor and gasoline
F Cyou knew then what you were born to do
Amthey put Roosevelt in office
F Cthey took the farm the family had to go
Am we don’t have to do much farming
F C Gfor the corn mash, or the copper, or the oak trees
C F (Repeat Several Times)
Ctwo years ago this april
F C‘bout the time when he made that first run
it was just to Carolina
F Cbut I was thinking this awful thing I’d done
Am Fback home in Kentucky it was sundown
Cwhen he slipped right through the door
Amand he was wide eyed and sweaty
F C Gand he said he would be ready by the mornin’
C F (Repeat Several Times)
Cwe made whiskey in the morning
F Cwe made whiskey morning, noon, and nigt
Fwhen you were at home it was the only sleep
Cyour mother got at night
Amshe’d just sit there by the window
F Ccrying boy oh when you comin’ home
Am F at night I see her there on her knees and in her prayers
C G she says oh Jesus don’t leave us here alone
C F (Repeat Several Times)
C Fsixty miles an hour after midnight
Che roared o’er that county line
there were patrol cars in the bushes
F Cand they were waiting for just the right time
Am they turned the lights on in the curve
F Cand the Plymouth started swerving left to right
Am and it sounded like a cannon
F C Gas the shotguns ripped apart the night
C F (Repeat Several Times)
Amlet his soul rest in Kentucky
F Cwhere he won’t have to be lucky anymore
AmI can still here him laughing
F Cbout the police he outrun the night before
Gthe bullets in his door
C F (Repeat Several Times)
C Fout on the highway son be careful
Cyour mother sure loves you
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