The Expendables – Paper Chains tab

Artist - The Expendables
Title - Paper Chains
Album - The Expendables
Tabbed By - Richard K.
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2x Guitars


e--5~------5~----7~--|G--7~------5~----7~--|B--7~------6~----7~--| Play The Chords To Back Up The solo 1.D--7~------7~----9~--| Let Them Ring.A--5~------7~----9~--|E--x-------5~----7~--|
Play The Chords And Let Them Ring Again Except The Last Chord.
e-----------------7-------|B-----------------7-------|G--9/11~---9\-----7-5X----| Listen To The Song To Get The PatternD-----------------9-------| Or Go On Youtube.A-----------------9-------|E-----------------7-------|
Reggae Strums For The Verse And Chorus. Verse
When It Comes To The Solo Play The Verse Chords To Back It Up. Do Reggae Strums. order Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Solo Chorus Chords Well This Is As Far As I Got, Theres More To It But Havent Figured It Out Yet....But When I Do Ill Post It.
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