The Expendables – Trying To Focus chords

Left handed
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		Trying to Focus (Acoustic) - The Expendables
Tabbed by: Colby Horvath

Tuning: Standard

     D9    G     C     Em    Am

D9 G I'm trying to focus
D9 G But i'm fallin' asleep
D9 G C the baggage on my eyelids is too
Em heavy to keep from fallin'
Am C G Ramble on, on through the night
D9 G I've been driving
D9 G since a quarter to three
D9 G C I've seen the sun come up so many times
Em this week it's scary
Am C G Rollin on until the day
Em D Em When i get off that open road
C D Em There's a pull within my bones
Em D Em Like a ship bound by a rope
C D Em It won't let go, it won't let go
C D Em It won't let go, It won't let go
D9 G I've been run over
D9 G by the hangover truck
D9 G A drive-by shooting shot down
C By twelve ounce eighty proof slugs
Em Am Embedded, in my head
C G The ache in my head
D9 G D9 G I've been smokin', sticks from a ditch
D9 G That mid-west farmer's daughter
C Is the one that's makin' me itch
Em Am C G In places, i'd never want an itch to be
Repeat chorus with all barre chords. Enjoy
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