The Extraordinaires - Seeds Of Jealousy tab

Intro: F   F
       F   Dm   F   Dm
       Bb  F    C   C

F                               Dm
Every time you leave me here on this old deck of mine
F                               Dm
I can't help but wonder why you have to spend your time
Bb                                      F
Waltzing with the winds so high, you're wrapped up in its arms so tight
Am                                     Bb              F
It scares me half to death because I'm not the jealous type.

     Dm     F      Dm
Bb   F      C      Bb

    F                                  Dm
You tell me all the time that I'm your one and only love
    F                                Dm
Then every time I turn around you're laughing up above.
Bb                            F
Why am I not good enough? The competition's killing us.
Am                                  Bb                F
You seem like you're on the run and I just can't keep up.

     Dm     F      Dm
Bb   F      C      Bb>>>>>>

    Am                F
Annelis where are you going?
   C                            E
I think I may just tag along so I can see what's going on.
    Am               F
Annelis what are you hiding?
   C                                      E
We tell each other everything (?when you join us?) with that wedding ring
     Am       F       C         E

Am    F    C    E   (3x)

F   Am7   Dm   Dm* (4x)
*He plays the normal Dm then he puts his pinkie on the 3rd fret of the G string then 
it go Dm again and then lifts it to make a Dm minus the second finger on the G string (this 
through the end of the song)

F        Am7       Dm      Dm*
Signs of guilt and longing lust
    F           Am7       Dm      Dm*
You mouth those words but I don't trust you
F        Am7      Dm    Dm*
Take the throttle or my hand.
   F       Am7      Dm     Dm*
If I can't have you no one can.

F        Am7       Dm       Dm*
Lock the doors and seal the hatches.
F        Am7       Dm        Dm*
Break my heart and burn this mattress.
F        Am7      Dm    Dm7
Take the throttle or my hand.
F          Am7      Dm     Dm7
If I can't have you no one can.

      F         Am7      Dm    Dm*
Waa   oh   oh   ohoooo   oh         (repeat for a long time)
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