The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Powerful Stuff tab

Powerful Stuff Tab Ė Fabulous Thunderbirds

Hi all. This tab is my first one and is not complete. It's pretty accurate but needs 
work. Please e-mail me with any comments and contributions. I need to get the solo down as 
as the end-of-verse runs. This is a great song and I was shocked that it was not tabbed before.


e|---------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------| D|--------3---3-5---3--3-5--------3---3-5---3--3-5---------| A|------5---5-----5---5---------5---5-----5---5------------| E|--2-3-----------------------3----------------------------|
e|---------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------| D|------3---3-5---3--3-5--------3---3-5---------3-5--------| A|----5---5-----5---5---------5---5-------3*-1-------------| E|--3-----------------------3------------------3-----------|
*Bend note
e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|--5---3-3-5-5---3-3-5---| (x4) A|--5-5---------5---------| E|--3---------------------|
She walks down the street... e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|--5---3-3-5-5---3-3-5---| A|--5-5---------5---------| E|--3---------------------|
Her hip shakin'... e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|--5---3-3-5-5---3-3-5---| D|--5-5---------5---------| A|--3---------------------| E|------------------------|
I think Iím in love... ... And thatís powerful stuff
e|------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------------| D|------3---3-5---3--3-5--------3---3-5-------------------------3-5-| A|----5---5-----5---5---------5---5----------------------3*-1-------| E|--3-----------------------3---------------------------------3-----|
*Bend note She walks down the street a-knockin' 'em dead Store window dummies even turn their heads Sho' 'nuff, powerful stuff When I saw her I burned my black book Made a blind man take a second look Sho' 'nuff I think I'm in love and thats Powerful Stuff Naugahide skirt, black stacked heels Red copper hair, dig the wig it's unreal Sho' 'nuff, powerful stuff Ole man Atlas holding up the world He'd drop everything for that girl Sho' 'nuff. I think I'm in love and it's Powerful Stuff Her hip shakin' whip snakin' cooked my goose I tell you that babe shes a fine papoose. I love her mind, but here's the deal She's got the kind of girl who rides the manmobile She opens her eyes and turns on the juice Pullin' like a magnet and she don't turn loose Sho' 'nuff, powerful stuff When she starts rockin' Dont touch that dial She's a hundred-mega-kilowatt Woman child Sho' 'nuff I think I'm in love Think I'm in love-I think im in love And that's powerful stuff
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